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Welcome to our Quality Learning network!

Friday, March 7, 2014 in EventsKnowledge Posts, Leadership, News

Langford-David_CMYKLangford Learning on FacebookyoutubeQuality Learning on TwitterDavid Langford on LinkedInDavid P. Langford is CEO and founder of Langford International, Inc.  He is an international leader in the improvement and transformation of education through Quality Learning and Leadership.  Beginning in the 1980’s, David Langford has worked to improve learning through the creation of concepts such as Quality Learning and Profound Learning.  He has published Tool Time for Education, Tool Time for Business and Tool Time for Healthcare.  He is also co-author of Orchestrating Learning with Quality,  24 Elements of the Learning Code and Tool Time for Lean.  David created 10 unique quality tools: Capacity Matrices, Code of Cooperation, Consensogram, If…Then, Integrative Learning Analysis, Morphing, Parking Lot, P3T and Systems Progress.   He has made innovative adaptations and applications of the following quality tools: Bone Diagram, Lotus Diagram, Loss Function, 5 Whys? Operational Definitions, Multi-Voting, and Problem Statement.

Mr. langford pioneered the self-managed classroom, student ownership of learning, intrinsic motivation, technology innovation, portfolio formative assessment and created Student TEAMS which is an innovative program for youth to impact businesses and other organizations in their communities.  He has designed new curriculum implementation methods combined with research in neuroscience, pedagogy, quality management, psychology and systems thinking to create a transformation of learning called Quality Learning.

David Langford’s Two and Four-Day Seminars, webinars and downlinks have been attended by over 40,000 people worldwide since 1992.  Join us at a seminar or develop your learning in our Learning Network where you can discuss failures and successes with others throughout the world.  Mr. Langford is a sought after Keynote Speaker and Consultant in multiple countries.  See you at at an upcoming seminar where we always learn, have fun and make a difference.

“Excellent conference! Changed my thinking tremendously. Thank you.” –  Edie Bostic, 4-Day Seminar Participant

Tool Time for Education 15.0

Monday, April 27, 2015 in EventsAnnouncements

ToolTime_Cover_EducationNew Layout

The new Tool Time for Education book by David Langford provides 64 quality improvement tools, and describes how to use them in the 9-step Plan-Do-Study-Act process to assess, evaluate and improve your classroom or school’s unique learning system and organizational structure.

David Langford’s new book will enable your school improvement team to use their knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively assess and analyze their current school processes, identify areas of improvement and windows of opportunity, plan and implement school improvement strategies and processes using data-driven instructional practices.

Now in Color

Learn how to effectively evaluate your organization’s progress and create measured, sustainable positive student achievement.
Solidify your journey of continual school improvement and sustained intrinsic motivation for students and staff.  Improve student performance, and create Joy in Learning and Work!  This newly released, revised and colorized book is a necessary quality improvement resource for every educator!

Bulk Order Pricing

Tool Time for Education price is $54.00 USD per book. Call for bulk order pricing over 100: 1-406-628-2227.

50 – 4-Day Seminars in Australia and Counting

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 in EventsNews

IMG_1011Teamwork IMG_1023 IMG_1028This year in April, we marked our 50th 4-Day Australian Seminar in Adelaide, South Australia.  It was fitting that our 50th was here in Adelaide sponsored by principal Mary Asikas and the Hallett Cove R-12 school.  Mary helped to sponsor one of the first 4-Day seminars in Australia 15 years ago and has been an ardent supporter of Quality Learning ever since.  Hallett Cove has become an improvement and transformation leader in South Australia and continues to grow in confidence and capability each year.

With this seminar we also mark our long history with Quality Learning Australia (QLA).  Michael King and Dr. Jane Kovacs of QLA have actively scheduled and supported our work throughout Australia since January 1999.  Their continued support and follow-up training have created a great symbiotic relationship.  QLA has created many new improvement booklets that we use in the USA and are available in our store.  It is great to work with people that enjoy their work and have a clear vision of the future of education in Australia.

In some schools, Australians have surpassed American schools in improving learning and management.  The documented stories of improvement on the Quality Learning DVD series have caused many schools in America, Canada and South America to make some drastic changes in pedagogy and management.

Thank you Australia for a long history.  We are looking forward to another 50 seminars.



Critical Mass

Friday, March 7, 2014 in EventsKnowledge Posts, Leadership

Dr. Deming on Critical Mass

I attended a 4-Day Seminar with Dr. W. Edwards Deming in the 1980’s.  During a question and answer session, this question was asked of Dr. Deming, “You (Deming) talk about needing a critical mass of people in an organization to cause a transformation.  How many people are necessary for critical mass?”

Dr. Deming’s answer was liberating.  Dr. Deming answered, “I would like to think of the square root of an organization, necessary for critical mass.”

We often think we have to get everybody on board to move forward or we need to roll out the training.  Only the square root of is necessary.  In a small staff of 25, just 5 dedicated people who are committed to the improvement process and who work consistently will create a transformation.

The same is true in a classroom.  Think about getting a critical mass of students in a classroom.  In a class of 30 students, the square root would be approximately 5.5.  Since you can’t have half a child, round to 6.  If you can get 6 students to commit and begin working with you and supporting your initiatives; you can transform the culture of the class.

I hope this message provides direction to all of you who are struggling to improve the learning dynamics of a classroom, a school, or an entire district or organization.

October 16-17, 2014 – The Deming Institute

Friday, February 21, 2014 in EventsAnnouncements, Intrinsic Motivation, Leadership

Save the Date!The Deming Institute

Pre-Conference Session on

Education and Quality Learning

Pre-Conference Session 8a-4p
with David P. Langford
October 16-17, 2014

Airtel Plaza Hotel
Van Nuys, California

Join David P. Langford, now a Senior Facilitator with The Deming Institute, for a two-day interactive session and discover the true potential and future of education.  Shatter existing beliefs with this proven Deming approach to improving the quality of learning and leading the next generation of students in flexible learning environments that inspire passion in students and educators alike.

Think or Pass Tests

Thursday, January 24, 2013 in EventsKnowledge Posts

Generations of students are learning skills to pass tests, mainly multiple choice exams, and loosing the ability to think in the process.  The effort to easily quantify results has led educators to sacrifice deep thinking to get results on tests.  Exercises that teach deep thinking on an issue or problem also take time to think, plan and process.  This thinking and making connections time takes away from memorizing facts to pass the test.  Increasingly educators are under pressure to get test results regardless of the long-term consequences.  The multi-choice test has many more problems than just the obvious. New Reasons to Dislike Multi-Choice Testing

Because these tests are easy to score they also make it easy to cheat.  Multi-choice tests encourage a cheating culture and have spawned an industry of electronic cheating techniques and websites. It is much more difficult to cheat, if you are required to write or explain your answer.   Multi-choice tests encourage short-term memory.  Since the answers to questions often have no meaning other than passing the test, the brain quickly discards info which is not useful and moves on to the next survival information.  Multi-choice tests promote the idea that there is a right answer.  There is no right answer to anything in life.  There are simply relative choices to be made and consequences.

It is always easier to blame poor behavior and never look at the system that created it.  Imagine the difference if a mult-choice test asked you to describe under what circumstances would “A” be true and under what circumstances would “B” be true.  Or what would need to happen for “A” and “B” to be true.



Quality Learning goes to Church

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 in EventsAnnouncements, Church, Leadership

Have you ever wished your Church knew more about Quality Learning?

Churches send teams to training

Over the past few years we have seen more and more Church leaders attending 4-Day Quality Learning Seminars.  Some attend because they are on local school boards.  Some attend because they are friends with teachers or administrators.  Others attend because they are teachers and administrators during the week and Church leaders on the weekend.  Quality Learning is truly a nondenominational approach. Read the rest of this entry →

Change is not mandatory.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 in EventsKnowledge Posts, Leadership

Survival is optional. 

Deming Institute 2012 – 250 people from all over the world gathered to celebrate the life of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, learn, have fun and make a difference.  I received the letter below from my colleague Grace Swanson.  She took what she learned from the Deming Institute and applied it immediately on Monday morning after the conference.  Leadership belongs to those that seize the initiative.  We are often limited only by our own inertia.

Next year the Deming Institute will take place at Purdue University in October 2013.  I hope to see everyone seeking to improve and learn at next years conference.

Read the rest of this entry →

Will higher education ever answer the call?

Thursday, August 30, 2012 in EventsKnowledge Posts, Leadership

I just completed three great days of learning with the staff at Master’s Academy in Calgary, Canada.  Also present was my colleague JW Wilson, brain researcher, from the Advanced Learning Institute, www.crackingthelearningcode.com.  Together, we drilled deep into the concept of student autonomy.  Master’s Academy is one of the most advanced k-12 schools in North America.  Despite their successes they are continually seeking new avenues to optimize student learning.

Ashley was a university student attending the seminar.  She is working to become an elementary teacher.  Her comment below is poignant and echoed by many new teachers.  When will universities stop training teachers to teach with a 20th Century model of teaching and learning?  The innovative learning institutions I work with around the world are tiring of retraining teachers to work in 21st Century learning environments.  As long as we keep doing what we have been doing we will keep getting what we have been getting. Read the rest of this entry →

Langford Quality Learning Headquarters

Monday, November 1, 2010 in EventsAnnouncements

David P. Langford

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