Getting Started

1. Have you created an account?

  • Yes, I have created an account.
    • Type in your username and password and click Log In.
    • Skip to step #2.
  • No, I have not created an account.
    • Click on Sign Up in the upper right corner.
    • Select a username and password, and fill in your profile details.
    • Open your e-mail to find the confirmation e-mail.
    • Click on the confirm line.¬†You will be returned to the Langford Learning site.

2.  Have you joined a group?

  • Yes, I have joined a group.
    • Click Groups and select your group.¬† Unless you join a group, you are not part of the discussion.
    • You may join as many groups as you like.
    • For more information on public vs. private vs. hidden groups, see this FAQ.
    • Skip to step #3.
  • No, I have not joined a group.
    • Select Groups from the menu at the top of the screen.¬†You will see a list of all the current groups.
    • Scroll down until you find a group that is relevant to you.
    • Click on the group name. Then click on Join Group.¬†You are now a member of that group.¬†You may leave a group any time by clicking Leave Group.¬† If you wish remain in the group, but return to the list of groups, click Back to Groups Directory.
  • What if I don’t find a group I want to join?
    • Click Create a Group.¬†Make sure you have read the full list of groups before you create a new group. Less is more.

3.  Have you selected a forum topic?

  • Yes, I have selected a forum topic.
    • Forum replies are ordered from oldest to newest.
    • To add your reply, type it in the Add a reply: box and click Post Reply.
    • If you can’t post a comment, you have not logged in.
  • No, I have not selected a forum topic.
    • Click Forum from the menu within the group.¬† A forum is simply a place to discuss topics.
    • To create your own forum topic, click on New Topic, fill in the title and content in the fields, then click Post Topic.
    • To see all the current forum topics, select Forums from the menu at the top of the screen. When you create a topic on this page, make sure you choose a relevant group for it to go under.
  • What else can I do within a group?
    • Click Documents to view uploaded documents, examples, templates, and photos. To share your own, click on Upload a New Document. Make sure to fill in a name, description, and category so others know what it’s about.
    • Click Members to view all the members of that group. You can then request friendship with other members by clicking Add Friend, or view a member’s profile by clicking on their name.
    • Click Links to enter a website or video link for others to view.

4. For more detailed information, visit our FAQs & Help page.