Change is not mandatory.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 in Knowledge Posts, Leadership

Survival is optional. 

Deming Institute 2012 – 250 people from all over the world gathered to celebrate the life of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, learn, have fun and make a difference.  I received the letter below from my colleague Grace Swanson.  She took what she learned from the Deming Institute and applied it immediately on Monday morning after the conference.  Leadership belongs to those that seize the initiative.  We are often limited only by our own inertia.

Next year the Deming Institute will take place at Purdue University in October 2013.  I hope to see everyone seeking to improve and learn at next years conference.


Thank you so much for sending me this invitation. Without it I would not have attended.
I have changed two things so far today:
1)      I have abolished the 200 hour take your vacation time or lose it policy. I used one of Senge’s systems diagrams and explained how we were punishing people for being dedicated.
2)      We are about to launch into a project of training our 160 people on our SOP’s. My approach was to do One point lessons. Turns out the first SOP training was on our continuous improvement form. So today, everyone President to shipping clerk received a personalized CI form asking them what the best way would be for them to learn and then use the SOP’s to run our business better. Early returns are showing we have at least 4 different styles of learning. Next step is to set up some pilots and get folks involved in developing the learning materials and then having them do the training.
Grace Swanson, CPIM
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