50 – 4-Day Seminars in Australia and Counting

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 in News

IMG_1011Teamwork IMG_1023 IMG_1028This year in April, we marked our 50th 4-Day Australian Seminar in Adelaide, South Australia.  It was fitting that our 50th was here in Adelaide sponsored by principal Mary Asikas and the Hallett Cove R-12 school.  Mary helped to sponsor one of the first 4-Day seminars in Australia 15 years ago and has been an ardent supporter of Quality Learning ever since.  Hallett Cove has become an improvement and transformation leader in South Australia and continues to grow in confidence and capability each year.

With this seminar we also mark our long history with Quality Learning Australia (QLA).  Michael King and Dr. Jane Kovacs of QLA have actively scheduled and supported our work throughout Australia since January 1999.  Their continued support and follow-up training have created a great symbiotic relationship.  QLA has created many new improvement booklets that we use in the USA and are available in our store.  It is great to work with people that enjoy their work and have a clear vision of the future of education in Australia.

In some schools, Australians have surpassed American schools in improving learning and management.  The documented stories of improvement on the Quality Learning DVD series have caused many schools in America, Canada and South America to make some drastic changes in pedagogy and management.

Thank you Australia for a long history.  We are looking forward to another 50 seminars.