We always talk about changing the system, but this actually gives us a way to look at the system and make a change that benefits everyone impacted by education.

Dwayne Steven Bissette, Assistant Principal (Apex, NC)

A process to get at the problem! In the past we would "talk" a problem to death. Then there was the lobbying. Catch a teacher in the hall and convince them of your cause. Then hit someone else up in the staff room and so on. In the end it was a popularity or click contest. With QL you are able to use honest data, discuss it and get to the heart of the problem in depth. All stakeholders involved!

Finally, a detailed roadmap for change! I love the focus upon data and intrinsic value!! This was wonderful!!

Sharon Aune, Special Education Teacher (Everett, WA)

Excellent conference! Changed my thinking tremendously. Thank you.

Edie Bostic, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I have learned so much! I feel like this way of thinking about learning is the angle I've been looking for since I began teaching. I really appreciate that there is a way for me to make students feel successful without competition, comparison and without my total control. If I had had a chance to learn in this quality approach I would have had a higher self esteem and less anxiety throughout the learning process.

Dawn Christman, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I am excited to use quality improvement tools in my classroom. I am convinced they will make a huge positive difference in my students' environment and achievements.

I would love to have my classroom be a "quality learning center" that you refer to in your presentations in the future.

Judith Rehl, 4-Day Seminar Participant

The most exciting professional development I have attended during my 13 years of teaching. Its relevance and innovative approach to teaching and learning will revolutionize the education system for those who are fortunate to access it.

Sean Larrescy, Wollumbin High School (NSW, Australia)

Being my second time at the seminar, I was able to take my understanding of the philosophies and processes and put them into a practical context. Throughout the whole four days, I was constantly writing down ideas of "I can do this with that class and this with them" (and this with everything!)

Just as good, if not better the second time around!

Adam Wallace, 4-Day Seminar Participant

"Now we have a bunch of tools we can use to help children have more say in changing the system. Start small - grow a whole culture. It's OK to give children control in changing systems."

Christine Smith, Teacher (Moonta Area School, SA, Australia)

Another powerful professional development opportunity!! I know how to implement the next step to facilitate a student-centered classroom: code of conduct, more matrices, revamp literature study, revise portfolio and research.

Rhonda Bower, English Teacher, Norwell High School (Ossian, IN)

I learned a great deal more on quality learning and continual improvement. There are no magic bullets to improve learning, there are just tools for collecting data and processes for using that data to improve learning. I can do it. I have to start with me.

Why aren't more systems using these theories, tools, etcetera, to improve their organizations?

Tim Carver, Assistant Principal (Urbandale, IA)

It was stimulating, interesting and thought provoking. I understand that I need to look at the overall picture rather than the individual student. Interesting to consider the changes that can be made to systems.

Kate George, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I have learned the massive importance of intrinsic motivation for both my students and myself.

I also have the methods that can help me to accomplish this along with, rather than in front of or for my class.
Thank you!

Debbie Jones-Webster (GlenInnes Public School, NSW, Australia)

I learned a great deal about many, many processes. More than anything else, it has increased my desire to learn more about this. It has also caused me to reconsider how I teach and then actually begin planning how I will start/continue working with my students during the upcoming year.

This has been an outstanding experience for me. It genuinely has changed my thinking about how I will do my job/work with others going forward.

Tol Wilhite (Leander ISD, Texas)

I learned that all students can learn and can learn at high levels given that informed tools are implemented in the classroom.

Very exciting and informative.

Eileen Alexander, Media Coordinator (Raleigh, NC)

Thanks, David. You are indeed an inspirational teacher and facilitator. I have obtained more tools in my tool kit to support sites, learners and communities. I've appreciated the application of your experiences and the connection/influence on your kit of tools.

Susan Weir, Riverland District Office (South Australia)

Fantastic four-day conference. Excellent facilitators and resources. I have tools to help me and my students create an independent and positive environment to increase their learning.

Linda Philippedis, Teacher (Plenty Parklands Primary School, VIC)

This course was great. I now have a few more tools for my teaching toolbox. I hope in a few months to have implemented a lot of what I have learned, starting small and getting bigger!

Mathew Burggraaff (Mungindi Central School, Australia)

My outlook on teaching and learning has been shifted and I am excited and motivated to influence systemic change in our school, knowing I am able to initiate continual improvement.

Jacinta Wade, School Counsellor (Hackham East Primary School)

The course has been amazing to go through. I have networked with teachers in similar situations and discussed ways of implementing the tools. David was very helpful and understanding. He listened to what we had to say.

Lisa Monck (Baggabilla Central School, NSW, Australia)

I learned to look at the system first! The presentations and activities we were involved in this week have energized me and caused me to reflect on why I do things the way I do. I intend to make changes.

During the week I have created a matrix for the first novel I will have my students read this fall.

Sally Chamberlain, Teacher (Raleigh, NC)

I can use the tools, beyond the initial feedback processes, to narrow and identify what to work on and how to develop plans for improvement. I have identified how to begin a challenging conversation about grades and grading practices with an idea of how we can study the issues with volunteers from what I've learned the past few days.

Barbara Spelman, Principal (Leander ISD, Texas)

I learned that quality work and learning should be the goal in education. I thought this training was to learn how to use quality tools only, but it's so much more. Educators should continue to increase intrinsic motivation within the classroom and quality tools are a way to achieve this.

This training has made me be very reflective about my first year of teaching. I can't wait to return to the classroom in August and open up my students' learning opportunities.

Aricia Cox, Teacher (Raleigh, NC)

I learned:
- A new way to consider instruction - totally student driven
- Behavioral strategies for facilitating cooperative behaviors
- Deming's work does relate to teaching and education
- Differentiation in the QL method
- Organization is possible with large groups of students

Great!!! I want to implement by assisting teachers with behavior interfering with learning (just to start).

Cindra Towner, Assistant Director, AWSSC (Bluffton, IN)

I was concerned how relevant this would be to early childhood education, and am excited to say – highly relevant. It links to play-based learning and extends it through improved structures and motivation. It was amazing that you were able to hold our attention for four days of a holiday!

Antonia McGuire, Executive and Kindergarten Teacher (Taylor Primary School, ACT)

I have learned every child can learn; it's okay to let my kids make it right; children can determine their level of commitment; and I have initiated and sustained unproductive systems...ouch!

These 4 Days will see me change the way I lead my school and teach my students. My classroom will be truly child-centered!

Regina Stoltenberg, Principal (Pilliga Public School, NSW, Australia)

"Have really enjoyed the 4 days. The pace of the workshop and gaining many tools to use to improve Quality Learning. It was valuable to have lots of discussion time."

Jane McCauley, Student Voice Coordinator (Moonta, SA)

David Langford has successfully put together some wonderful tools that can be used in all areas of education -- from administration through to the classroom. Through David's excellent facilitation we watched his modeling of how "quality" can be a reality.

Maria Hudson, Ormond Primary School (Victoria, Australia)

I have learned more about how to include the kids in all that I do. That I can see a way of eliminating some of the "unnecassrary" behaviour problems that I can see I have helped create. I am looking forward to teaching in a new way.

Suzie Florance, Teacher (Hallet Cove School, Adelaide, SA, Australia)

This is the second time I've received training on Quality Learning; I went through the LISD CII. I really liked the depth you added - liked the stories and theories behind the tools.

I think we will use your ideas on some of our big rocks this summer as we plan staff development for the coming year.

I really liked it and enjoyed your format - lots of variety.

Pecos McDaniel, Assistant Principal (Leander ISD, Texas)

I learned to open my mind, thinking and leadership to working outside the box in order to teach and learn without boundaries or assumptions.

Actually applying the tools made the process all come together and make sense.

Kim Baumann (Texas)

Amazing Experience!! We have greatly appreciated the insight we have been given to "Quality" and the potential impact on our system if implemented appropriately. We look forward to getting more of our staff exposed to the tools by modeling and offering this experience to volunteers next summer.

Sherry Grate, Superintendent, DeKalb Central Schools (Waterloo, IN)

A fantastic 4 days. I was interested and motivated throughout all sessions. Coming from a school implementing Quality Learning, I can't wait to get back and move forward with my community with great enthusiasm! David was totally inspiring!

Marilyn Whitmore, James Cook Primary School (Victoria, Australia)

The Quality Learning Seminar gives teachers practical tools, which will help students take ownership of their own learning. It's the psychology we have felt about human motivation for a long time. Now we have the tools to employ it.

Mark C. Meyers, AP English Teacher

I've had literacy training in best practices. I've been to brain-compatible learning seminars. I've been to C.L.A.S.S. workshops, and I have 20 years in teaching experience. But, I've never had Quality Learning training until now. Finally, I understand how all the training can help me by looking at the systems that I have in place to produce student motivation for learning. Thank you!!

Nancy Helmkamp (Dekalb Central Schools)

It was such an ah-ha moment for me to see how many tools I could use to improve my classroom and improve student learning. What an amazing conference to jump start my thinking.

Amber Danhauser, 3rd Grade Teacher (Leander ISD, Leander, TX)

Mr. Langford made himself accessible to all groups during the session. On the last day, I received a call from my niece stating how my mother was sick, but was refusing to go to the hospital. I told her to tell her, "Mr. Langford said to let us know when you are ready and we will come back to you. Let me know how it goes for you!" After an hour, she went to get checked out.

Matthew S. Rice, Assistant Principal (Raleigh, NC)

I learned several ways I can work with students rather than on them! I can give up some of the control and let students learn long term!

John Fearnow

Since joining Leander ISD, I have struggled with the purpose and usage of continuous improvement tools. I finally believe that these four days have enabled me to guide others through the continuous improvement tools. I found many aspects of the conference to be hugely cathartic for my own personal growth and development.

This was four days very well spent and I will take many aspects of what I've learned into my daily work and life.

Matt Schuppert, A.P. Parkside Elementary (Georgetown, TX)

Interesting…having started with 0% commitment, I was able to walk away with 30 ideas to ready implement.

Theo Kermanidis

I learned how to determine the problem and think through system instead of just "assuming" I know the problem and jumping into the wrong issue without data.

Lots of good things I'm excited to try.

Christy Tingley, Literacy Coordinator (Indiana)

I have learned several tools which I can use which I hope will change the way I teach and the students attitude towards learning. By using these tools I am confident that I will enjoy teaching more, my workload will decrease and I will see and improvement in the students grades.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and experiences.

Niccy Pallaut, Student Counsellor (Hallet Cove School, Adelaide, SA, Australia)

I have learned lots of things -- amazing really!

Loved your patience and humor. You've been able to enlighten us and you've been able to open up a new world of possibilities. Change takes time and inspiration and awareness of the need to change. You've been the change agent in my future thinking and approach to achieving Quality Learning!!

Germain Umstead (Pullman, WV)

Each day was productive, engaging and challenging. Resources - Super!! Great experience to reflect, plan, analyze to improve our learning organization. David walked the talk!

Josette Charlox, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I am excited to try some of these ideas in my room. Last year our 4th grade team was frustrated, because we felt we were working harder and students were working less. Now I realize I was the problem, I am excited to give them more choice and input in their learning!

Deborah Dilley, Elementary Teacher (Bluffton, IN)

I learned how to continue and improve on the tools I have already been using in my classroom (went to CI Institute during school year), it really works to give "it all" to the students.

Thank you!

Alex Gormley, Elementary Teacher (Texas)

I learned many different techniques/methods to change different things in my classroom. I appreciate the learning opportunities provided.

Tom White, Math Teacher (Ossian, IN)

- Amazing! Motivating! Fun!
- Makes sense.
- Labels things with formal names and justifications.
- Career changing.

Paul Cecil (Burren Junction Public School, NSW, Australia)

I learned how to implement student centered instruction. I have, for a long time, wanted to teach in this manner, but needed tools to do this.

Thank you for the opportunity to become a more effective teacher.

Nilah Horner, ELL Teacher (Bluffton, IN)

I learned that if I involve my students more in their own process of learning, it will not only improve their behavior, but the students will feel important and the quality of learning will improve.

I will put more trust in students and put more emphasis on the quality of learning rather than the grade or score received.

Lindsay Starkjohann, Elementary Teacher (Leander, TX)

We have some very powerful ideas to bring back to the campus. We plan to involve the teachers in many of the systems and processes, creating teacher ownership and buy-in.

We want to take a trip to Australia to observe!

Rebecca Pueringer, Laura Welch Bush Elementary (Texas)

This was my second time attending this conference and it was very beneficial. I went back to my class and tried out some tools, but now after being here again I have a whole new set of ideas and tools to use in my class, starting on the first day!

Jean Dillon, Fourth Grade Teacher (Everett, WA)

An excellent investment in learning. This will be of great benefit to my career and the improvement of outcomes for students, teachers and communities.

Chris Seeber, Religious Education School Advisor (Catholic Education Office, Melbourne, VIC)

I learned:
- How to empower students to take ownership in their learning
- To look at systems to pinpoint issues
- Tools to use to implement new systems with student input
- To self-reflect to help improve my own thinking skills
- How important continual improvement is

I love the self-directed learning break-out sessions.

Hallie Koenig (Ossian, IN)

I've been at this with David's Training for many years. Ten years ago i said I have no clue what my classroom will look in 10 years. Well, I'm here now and I love it!
At my website at LISD I have 100 facts from the 4 C's posted. I'd love feedback.

Claire Curtice (Leander High School)

I loved the resource matrix! That was something I hung onto, that I didn't learn about in WV. I can use it to organize resources and have them available for students.

Cathy Dunwiddie, Teacher (Ossian, IN)

I have learned how to better facilitate my classroom to have the students doing the work and being in control and work on their own levels. I feel much more comfortable using quality learning tools now. This has been my second conference.

Lisa Rawson (Parkersburg, WV)

I have learned more about system improvement in 4 days than I ever thought possible. Learning by doing was the order of the day and I loved it and so did my team.

The experience is one that I would repeat so that my level/depth of knowledge can increase.

Elizabeth A. Conrad, Principal (Parkersburg, WV)

I learned:
- Importance of addressing system
- Very powerful information on the psychological effects of institutionalized dysfunction
- Change vs improvement
- Tools / PDSA

This was very powerful learning. Understanding the detrimental effects of our current system and how to address them is empowering. This information allows everyone to be a leader.

Valerie Tidwell (Leander ISD, Texas)

Awesome conference! Run for President!

Catherine Hekker (Everett, WA)

"I found the 4-day course to be very inspiring. I love the thought that the onus is put back to the students to create the learning experience they want! Thank you very much!"

Nathan Handorf, Music Teacher (Moonta Area School, SA, Australia)

I learned:
- The importance of personal initiative in the learning process.
- How to use capacity matrices to assess student learning.
- How to remove some of the barriers which may prevent teaching and learning.
- The value of collaborating to solve problems.
- Day 4 videos were great; lunch was yummy!

Thanks for adjusting the workshop to meet our needs.

Nenell Sydnor, High School Teacher (Roxboro, NC)

"David you're an inspirational presenter and I've really enjoyed your activities, your anecdotes and hearing about how you've used the process yourself. You lead by example and you take everyone with you."

Samantha Schultz, Assistant Principal (Moonta Area School, SA, Australia)

I learned:
- Several strategic ideas for guided leadership on my part.
- Ways to examine my relationships as a leader.
- Ways and strategies for empowering students/athletes to accept responsiblility for their quality of successes or failures.
- Useful and workable information that I hope to implement in my job and responsibilities.

Eric Morgan, Athletic Director (Ossian, IN)

David structured the four days using all of the same quality tools in the context of their potential use for willing schools. I am even more of a believer. Pass the Kool-aide!

Steven L. Miller, Assistant Principal (Raleigh, NC)

Doing this [seminar] for the second time has reinforced my own beliefs in Education and has given me greater confidence to continue to change the system.

Beran Constable, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I learned how to properly use the tools and how to use them to solve problems that arise. I always felt that, "they can't do it because..." instead of looking at the system. I am hoping to take these tools back to use in my classroom to truly make it a student run class.

Russell Montgomery (Leander ISD, Georgetown, TX)

I love the tools and need time to process, but appreciated the new learning. So many times we go to conferences that are "gimmicky". This was real learning and had the students as the primary focus. Many "programs" say they have the kids as the center, but quality methods/tools really do without the gimmicks.

I bought in 90%, until the last day when David shared the story about the kid who had never received an "A" and the tremendous positive influence it had on him/her. If only for that one reason I will pursue quality methods, so all the students at my school will have this experience. I want that for all my kids.

Jill Karch, Principal, Urbandale Schools (Urbandale, IA)

An innately hopeful approach. People can and will do the right thing, if we empower them.

Katherine Howsare, Teacher/Librarian (Urbandale, IA)

I learned we are setting ourselves up for failure on such a large scale. We are not teaching kids how to learn, just to receive. Which is in turn producing very dependent adults who don't think for themselves, use resources, etc. They are depending on others; government leaders, etc. to provide them with knowledge, creating a society of non-productive, dependent people. Schools are driving and perpetuating this process. Change the system to create independent, educated, life-long learners, improves our society, country, etc.

I have always felt there was a better way... not a better way to teach kids, but a better way for kids to learn. Thank you for clarifying this answer for me!

Abigail M. Houtz (Ossian, IN)

I learned that my philosophy of "good teaching" can be implemented with quality. "Best practice" is what I try to implement each day, yet the systems processes are not conducive to quality teaching "best practice". The grading system needs to change, especially GPA and Higher education systems.

Quality Learning is what we are accountable and responsible to facilitate as educators/administrators. I am inspired and excited to have had the opportunity to be exposed to your tools, to facilitate Quality Learning.

Donna Gary-Donovan, Career Development Coordinator (North Carolina)

This training provided valuable information to work with various teams of teachers, and showed how these tools can help teachers to empower their students and help them to take responsibility for their learning.

Tiffany Stuart, Senior Administrator (Raleigh, NC)

Although this has been holiday time, the past four days have been invaluable and enjoyable. This gives our school hope for brighter times ahead for both students and teachers.

Louisa Onwendyll, Deputy Principal (Macintyre High School, NSW)

I learned how to involve my students more in the classroom. By having the Tool Time book as well as the Quality Learning training manual, I have all the resources I need right at my fingertips. By using these resources I will build a better classroom community and become a more effective educator.

I really enjoyed these 4 days and now have a different outlook on my teaching. I am excited to work on how I will implement these new strategies in my classroom for the next school year.

Leah Martin (Texas)

I can't believe that this is my third time in attendance, and I feel that I have learned as much this time as I did the first.
I feel much more confident in my ability to use multiple tools to complete the PDSA cycle.

I'm excited and refreshed to start a new school year using what I have learned.

Christina Allen (NWCS)

I have learned:
- to see problems as opportunities
- to have hope at solving problems
- to feel excited about giving my students more control/responsibility over their education and environment
- to look at/examine systems

This was very meaningful and extremely inspiring. I am so excited to bring it to my school and students! Thank you!

Cathy Takayoshi, Kindergarten Teacher (Everett, WA)

"Loved it! Thanks. I will be back!"

Belinda Ramsey, Numeracy Coach (Roxby Douns Area School, SA, Australia)

I learned what real learning is all about - constant reflection of one's own progress toward attainable goals based on one's prior experiences and knowledge. I wish I would have been taught this way!

Thank you very much! Wonderful!

Alesha S. McCauley, ESL Senior Administrator (North Carolina)

Year 2 was great! I began to implement some pieces last year. This year gave me ideas on what I may change along with some new ideas as well. I definitely see the benefit in repeating the quality training each year.

Ginger Butcher (Elementary Teacher, Ossian Elementary)

I have worked with Mastery Learning in the late '70's, the Outcomes Data Driven Model (ODDM) in the mid '80's and Outcome Based Education (OBE) in the early '90's all of which offered tremendous learning potential for kids, but in each case failed due to resistance encountered in implementation. You seem to have found a way to build support and manage time to give an improved philosophy and a way to succeed.

Richard Knapp, Associate Principal (Waterloo, IN)

This is the most radical, thought-provoking conference that I have attended in 24 years of being an educator. David's conference is causing me to critically examine my thoughts and beliefs about school.

Scott Litwiller, Superintendent (South Adams Schools, Indiana)

David Langford has a wonderful perspective on how to get people to learn -- having children take control of their own learning, empowers all. Thank you.

Jen Picotte (Holmen, WI)

I can't put into words all that I have learned. There is a wealth oif information and ideas presented and practiced that can be impletmeted to improve the quality of learning. Fantastic. Awesome - I look forward to next year.

Jannice Rtlavener, Sp Ed Life Skills Teacher (AWSSC)

There are many business applications that I can use in central office.

I am looking forward to reading through the materials so I can learn more about the tools. I like the examples.

Veronica Sopher, Executive Director of SCR (Leander ISD, Texas)

The Quality Learning Seminar reminded me of the importance of giving students the power and responsibility of his/her learning. I really liked the tool charts and strategies.

I have enjoyed this training. It's very applicable within my classroom.

Victoria Emrah, Special Education (Bluffton, IN)

I learned how to scaffold my use of tools to find the root cause. The root cause is not always/usually what you thought it was going to be.

David's energetic style of presentation kept my attention.

Trisha Penic (Leander ISD, Texas)

Finally! A way to banish those superficial extrinsic prizes! I can't wait to teach students ways to manage their learning and sense of responsibility.

Rhonda Dietsch, Elementary Teacher (Ossian, IN)

"As teachers we need to take some advice from Queen Elsa and "Let it go" (Frozen). For us to move kids forward to independent learners we need to stop teaching an allow them to start learning. A scary thought for a profession that pride themselves on their ability to teach. This is a whole brain shift for me, but a good one. Thank you."

Melanie Low, Teacher (Hallett Cove School, Adelaide, SA)

I have learned that intrinsic motivation can influence student learning with positive and long lasting transformation.

The workshop has really impacted and changed my teaching philosophy.

Michael Tye (Mohawk, WV)

I am excited to put the tools in place that I have learned to develop self-directed learners.
Great conference David!

Julie Cudbertson, Teacher (Hallet Cove School, Adelaide, SA, Australia)

I have learned many process skills that will directly impact how I approach decision making from this day forward as a leader/team member.

Thanks David! You have made a difference!

Pam Green, Principal (Farmington, MI)

I learned that equality tools can be used systemically, not just individually by classroom.

Wished I would have had this training as a classroom teacher.

Cathy W. Deardorf, Principal, DeKalb H.S. (Waterloo, IN)

"Fantastic presenter. I can see how we can use every day at home and school."

Adele Keleher, Teacher (Moonta Area School, SA, Australia)

"We as a whole school have lifted and feel inspired!! I've loved it!"

Janine Bennett, Teacher (Moonta Area School, SA, Australia)

I learned:
- The usefulness of the tools to implement quality
- People want to do quality work, system influences often get in the way
- Continual improvement by evaluation of the system

I appreciate access to the tools and strategies for gathering data, including stakeholders in decision making.

Brian Coppess, Associate Principal (Urbandale, IA)

I learned strategies that I think will help promote students taking responsibility for their own learning, as well as tools to help with classroom management and behavior.

As a classroom teacher of 32 years, I am excited about implementing some of these tools to bring new life and energy to my classroom and instruction.

Sally Melvin, Teacher (Raleigh, NC)

The most powerful and thought provoking conference I've ever attended. Definitely a life changing experience!!

Cathy Raha-Lambert, Kapunda High School (South Australia)

Fantastic learning, because I have attended the workshop before. I found my learning going deeper. I believe my team found this to be a fantastic experience as well and will help to build our capacity as a district to move forward.

Doug Stilwell, Superintendent (Urbandale Community School District, IA)

I learned how to effectively implement quality within my classroom and other organizations that I'm a part of.

This was the best workshop I have attended in years. Too often I attend trainings that are not relevant and or repetitive. The Quality Tools training was not only new and refreshing and relevant, but highly innovative.

Jackaline Teel, Science Teacher (North Carolina)

Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I can't wait to improve systems in my life. I didn't get a chance to shake your hand at the end, so "shake" and thanks again!

Loved your "F test skit". Were you ever a comedian? I laughed so hard at several of your jokes.

Beth Chinderle, Math Curriculum Specialist (Austin, TX)

I learned how to more effectively set up a classroom centered on project based learning. I also love how empowered the children are with the quality tools especially the capacity matrix.

I have thoroughly enjoyed these four days and it has dramatically changed how I will approach establishing classroom culture and routines.

Shea Grisham, Teacher (Raleigh, NC)

I have learned that "Fairness is not everyone getting the same thing. Fairness is everyone getting what they need."

Scott Elzey (Marietta, OH)

A great 4 days...terrific tools...great modeling of how to use them.

Cherie Pickering, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I learned:
- a whole lot more about using continuous improvement tools.
- why it's important to seek information from all stakeholders.
- 98% of the results come from the process, not the people.

After attending this 4-Day Seminar for the second time, I feel confident in using these tools with all members of our school (staff, students & parents).

Vicky Draper, Assistant Principal (Leander, TX)

I have learned a whole new approach to teaching.
Thank you for an exciting, thought-provoking, challenging, and fun conference - intellectual stimulation about the job - do every day - how refreshing and revitalizing!
A heartfelt "thank you"!

Jan Atytrens, SACE Coordinator (Woodville HS, SA, Australia)

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and left with a huge resource manual to put right to use. I see so many applications that my head is swimming. I'm really looking forward to going through the tools as I plan for the next school year.

Dr. Wendy Prigge, Director, Metro West Learning Academy (Grimes, IA)

From the initial minutes of day one, to the conclusion, I was totally captivated by this professional development activity. The quality learning tools that were shared with us along with the opportunity to practically utilize these tools for our own College programs and student learning was motivational and compelling. I can honestly say this program is beyond compare to any previous Professional Development I have undertaken in my 15 years of teaching. Thank you David, from my current and future student’s as well as myself.

Michelle Wills, Elisabeth Murdoch College (Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia)

Wow! This is so much to think about. I hardly know which probletunity to tackle first. I learned amazing ways to involve students in their own educations, as well as a system to keep myself from going nuts in the process.

Nancy Irwin, DeKalb Central Schools (Waterloo, IN)

I learned better strategies that can be used to help change the old fashioned systematic approaches that are failing our current educational field

I enjoyed the interactive activities, and there were excellent examples and ideas to motivate me to change and improve at an easy pace.

Jennifer Amstutz (Indiana)

"I am excited to get back into the classroom and begin my Quality Learning journey."

Dianna Jarman, Teacher (Moonta Area, SA)

I have learning a whole new way of thinking about grades and rewards!

Christine Thrush (6th grade Social Studies Teacher)

I learned to solve the problems of today and prevent these same problems for the future -- love this!

To get students to help create the school vision of the campus, as we do with staff, is critical.

Rebecca Webster, Principal, Whitestone Elementary (Leander, TX)

I learned some really great strategies to use to empower students and staff. Now I have practical strategies to do my work as an administrator.

It was great! I feel excited about the upcoming year.

Patrenia Walk-McDowell, Assistant Principal (Durham, NC)

I have learned how to engage students in more positive ways, and empower them with the skills and knowledge to choose learning as a lifelong activity. I have been aware of the Quality tools for some time, but this seminar has made their application more relevant. "The Whole Package" makes so much sense to my head and resonates so beautifully with my heart.

Karon Lindner, Teacher (Toomelah Public School, NSW)

This process (Continuous Improvement) is much more in depth than I expected. I have utilized various CI tools as a teacher and curriculum specialist, but really going through the process, instead of just randomly choosing tools and using them, I have learned how much I didn't know in the process.

Abby LaFevers, Science Curriculum Specialist (Texas)

I am extremely excited and motivated to take back these ideas and to gradually implement changes that will impact the level of learning my students experience.

Sarah Hughes, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I have learned ways to take the kids from the extrinsic world of rewards to the life long intrinsic motivation. I was headed in this direction, but couldn't quite get there. These tools are the answer to my quest.

Diane Hickey (Williamstown, WV)

"David is a great presenter and his passion shines through brightly. The structure of the seminar was great and I was engaged at all times. Loved the whole thing and as a new teacher I am excited that I am on the right track and have many new tools to help me become a better educator."

Johnathan Webster, Year 3/4 teacher (Stirling East Primary, Adelaide, SA)

I have learned how to really teach after 30 years of public school teaching (retired) and 5 years at the community college. Thank you!

Barbara S. Odderstol

"This was my second time and well worth the effort. I wasn't ready after the first time, but have more confidence and commitment now."

Colin Taylor, Teacher, DECD (Adelaide, Australia)

I learned various tools, techniques and processes to better improve learning for my students.

This seminar will make a positive impact on classroom learning.

Gia Hoke, Teacher (Raleigh, NC)

"I always leave the conferences motivated and keen to use a variety of tools to improve the quality of learning in my classroom. My Reception students have benefited from my attendance to the 3 conferences. Once again David has delivered an interesting and entertaining conference."

Sally Wood, Teacher Reception (Hallett Cove R-12, SA, Australia)

FANTASTIC!!! I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Would definitely recommend this to everyone!

Rebecca Brien, Kindergarten Teacher (Bingara Central School, NSW)

I am absolutely amazed at the level of responses we get from students when we have done affinity diagrams from capacity matrices and purpose and vision statements. You are right, a teacher could not come up with all the ideas that students generate. It is so powerful to show students how much they know.

Shelte King (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Best integrations of Dr. Deming's ideas, with tools to operationalize those ideas into the practice of gaining knowledge. I learned how to use more tools to increase my learning and effectiveness.

R. Steele (Indiana)

Think what education would be like if everyone took this on! Imagine the growth and learning for very child! The possibilities are endless and can lead to wonderful things happening in the world...

Gina Barnes, Assistant Principal (Bega Public School, NSW)

I love the systemic process. It makes sense and is positive for staff and students.

It was a great conference and I can't wait to implement this in the classroom.

Kristen Wall, Teacher, Ossian Elementary (Ossian, IN)

I plan to go back to the classroom and help the students become more responsible for their learning. I am relieved I don't have to shoulder that total responsibility alone.

Thank you for the insights -- I feel refreshed and renewed -- and ready to start -- one small step at a time.

Julie Harvey, Elementary Teacher (Ossian, IN)

The seminar was engaging, insightful and truly eye-opening. It has motivated me to implement necessary changes in my teaching practices. My goal is to teach the key principles to my colleagues to better our school and enhance our student achievement.

Teala Cooper, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I am so excited to have this new bank of knowledge and understanding. This is a process that not only will enhance the current focus of standards based planning, it is an example of what we all should always be doing: improving.

Ann Marie Carley, 4-Day Seminar Participant

David had his audience locked-on to his every word. His was a message that educators clearly understood and could readily utilize. David's excellent Keynote presentation received an approval rating from delegates of 99%. From a Coordinator's perspective I would give him 100%!

John Woodrow, Conference Coordinator & AADES Executive Member (Editor - From A Distance)

I learned what I didn't know was possible: to track changes and look at systems instead of trying to hold the ocean back with a net.

Misty Pohly (Leander ISD, Texas)

I am so excited to implement the NGT and Hot Dots with my classes. Using the Interrelationship Diagraph is somewhat scary. Having operational definitions are so powerful: finding -- seeing students true potential.

You made this look so easy and understandable, why don't all schools implement this way of teaching?

Rhonda Rasdorf, Science/Social Studies Teacher (Ossian, IN)

I have learned that Langford Learning is about more than just tools. It’s about a whole new approach to education – from the way we interact with students to the way we design our schools and involve students in the process throughout. David spoke from a teacher’s perspective and people easily made links to their own classrooms. Everyone has commented on being constantly engaged -- well done.

Jason Williams, 4-Day Seminar Participant (Australia)

I learned:
- Methods in which to collect and to analyze data/information from teams
- How to analyze data more closely in order to determine special causes vs. systemic effect

Application of this material pertains both to my professional and personal situations, particularly the power of the situation. David's knowledge of the quality tools is quite impressive. I choose to transform my thinking to this level of knowledge.

Shelia L. Bennett, Senior Administrator (Cary, NC)

I learned too much to write down. To sum it up -- I've learned many ways and tools to get to the heart of any issue or problem that needs to be improved or fixed.

I came into this with a skeptical attitude. I am now excited to begin to use these strategies with my students. It's time for a change!

Karen Harris (Ossian, IN)

I have learned very useful strategies to help improve student learning in the classroom. The shift of my teaching creates a truly student-centered classroom and one in which the students are empowered and take ownership in their learning. I plan to begin with "baby-steps", implementing select strategies, matrices, flow charts, and other tools to improve the students learning.

Thank you! This was an eye opening conference!!

Angela Bruni, Teacher (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan)

"Well worth spending 4 days learning. It has had a big impact on how I think about working with students."

Wendy Muir, SSO (Moonta Area School, SA, Australia)

I have learned a new way of looking at systems and the tools necessary to change the system.

Many trainings cause you to walk away with feelings of confusion and stress. This conference causes you to walk away with hope and promise. Thanks.

Bernie Boice, Principal (Belpre, OH)

I learned about many tools I can use to systematically analyze a problem, identify the root cause, and imagine all the possible solutions. It's an ongoing process to improve something rather than a quick fix to change something. I believe I will go back to my job and use more proactive thinking, not as much reactive thinking.

I appreciate your thoughtful approach to helping us learn! You are a great model.

Rachel Paulsen (Leander ISD, Georgetown, TX)

I have been looking everywhere but within the system to identify ways to improve. Having tools that can be used to analyze/process/improve a system will be beneficial to us as a district-level quality team.

This is the first step in the transformation of continual improvement within our district.

Lara Justmann, Associate Principal (Urbandale, IA)

Excellent seminar. Easy to adapt across all levels and areas of education.

Megan Beattie, Teacher (Moree Secondary College, NSW)

I feel like I have a better understanding of the "big picture" of continuous improvement and not just isolated tools which don't lead anywhere.

I look forward to a new year with kindergarteners with my new learning.

Laura Hunt (Texas)

I learned a variety of strategies for implementing quality tools in the fifth grade classrooms. I have learned how to utilize PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) and plan to use this process in August.

This wonderful session provided a wealth of knowledge about how to implement quality tools in a classroom setting.

Carol Wooten, Teacher (Raleigh, NC)

"I was concerned that some members of my team would go into this 4-days with a negative headset, but was hopeful that as the workshop progressed they would see the benefits and opportunities for us. On the third day we became very excited just before lunch and experienced that Ah-Ha moment.

The workshop has reignited our team's passion for improving student learning and we are excited about the future. Thank you!!"

Mem Westbrook, Senior School Coordinator (Moonta Area School, SA, Australia)

I was unable to gather my thoughts on the last day of your Quality Learning Seminar to pen what I had learned over the past four days, but on the trip home there was plenty of time for reflection. After spending nearly 30 years in manufacturing, I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to provide operational support to the Valley School District. While my years in manufacturing were saturated with quality improvement efforts, I soon realized that I did not have the tools necessary to translate my experiences into something that would help the Valley School District with quality learning improvements. Your 4-day seminar has provided us with an excellent framework whereby we can immediately begin improving quality in our systems.

Dennis Killmer, Chief Operations Officer (Valley School District, Washington)

I learned:
- The PDSA Probletunity Improvement process can be used in various settings.
- A systems approach of thinking can impact quality performance.
- The interrelationship diagraph can clearly illustrate what impacts behaviors.

I thouroughly enjoyed this training. It was informative and well organized. I would highly recommend this training. I enjoyed your sense of humor.

Dr. Tawannah G. Allen, Senior Administrator, Elementary Staffing (North Carolina)

Excellent seminar - it was refreshing to not be sold in something, but shown how to improve.

Melody Solomon, Paideia Instructor/Social Studies Dept. Chair (North Carolina)

I learned the power of input from people affected is essential to change and increasing quality learning.

Our team is ready to present to the masses, work with the volunteers, and implement what we have learned!

Charlene Lovett Bryant, Teacher (Raleigh, NC)

David, I have truly enjoyed the learning experience and finally, attended a Professional Development conference that has given me tools and techniques to improve student learing. Great work.

Tony Wright, 4-Day Seminar Participant

I learned the meaning of systems thinking. The flow of the capacity matrix and the grading system was clear and concise.

A worthwhile opportunity. Thank you for the experience.

Valerie Budd, Assistant Principal (North Carolina)

I learned so much more this second time! I learned a lot the first time - took tools back to my room and enjoyed it (Parking Lot, Consensogram, Plus Delta, Five Whys.....so many), but this time I really could wrap my head around the total system and implementing it in my class.

I cannot wait to change the whole "system" of my class. Children taking control of their learning and lessoning my workload! Thanks David, I really enjoyed it again!

Shana Broders, Elementary Teacher (Wake Forest, NC)

Quality tools are great and prove effective to student achievement. Our team is from our district so we approached it as a district change/probletunity. I felt that undertaking would be massive. I am personally going to implement some tools in my work at the beginning Teacher sessions.

Lori Stacey, Teacher & Licensure Support Coordinator (Roxboro, NC)

The best Training and Development I've ever done for teaching and will ever do in my life.

Shelly Way, Inverell High School (Inverell, NSW, Australia)

I have been teaching for 28 years - 15 of those have been in LISD. I have lost count of how many trainings I have attended. This seminar has been by far one of the best. I have been fortunate to have a job all these years, that is my passion and I am energized and ready to facilitate "true" 21st century learning in my classroom.

Cindy Underwood, 3rd Grade Teacher (Leander ISD, Leander, TX)

I learned that every process should be systemic for validity and results. Educational institutes that are successful are ran as businesses with clear, systematic expectations.

Very effective training that can fit from central office level to the classroom to be sent on to student teams.

Annitra Leigh, Assistant Principal (Roxboro, NC)

"PDSA is a lengthy process, but as a profession I don't think we can afford not to use it. What's the alternative? A bunch of meetings where conversations occur, but no progress on issues is made? That sounds like the definition of crazy."

Veronica Khalaf, Year 2/3 Classroom Teacher (Hackham East Primary School, Adelaide, SA)

Loved the material. I received many ideas to use in my class

Very enjoyable conference...would come again and again.

Sheila Van Camp, Teacher (Bluffton, IN)

Our team experienced "full immersion" during the past four days. We had valuable conversations away from the seminar site that enhanced the value of the experience. I learned variety of tools that we can use immediately that will begin to improve quality of work in our system.

Dan Meyer, Principal (Urbandale, IA)

I learned:
- New ways to process information with groups
- Interesting background on: brain research, group behavior studies, grading systems, motivation (key to learning)
- The processes are easy to see and understand on paper and when demonstrated, but it takes practice to use them well!

Thank you very much!

Talbot Troy, Formative Assessment Specialist (Wake County Public Schools, NC)

Before this course I never believed this would be relevant to my kindergarten population. Now I clearly see being able to implement every strategy demonstrated - both with students and colleges.

Patti Gilman, Kindergarten Teacher (Everett, WA)

I have learned many tools to assess myself as well as the student's work. I have also learned ways to make learning more intrinsic for the students.

I really enjoyed the 4 days and feel excited to head back to the classroom.

Doug Badgley, 4th Grade Teacher (Williamstown, WV)

All of the complaints that I hear at school from other teachers center around student motivation (the kids don't care, should we really give them rewards for things they should do anyway?). I am excited to bring this new learning into my classroom and help my students reach a new level of learning.

Thanks for a great conference!

Ashley Mobley, Elementary Teacher (Urbandale, IA)

I learned new ways to involve students in their own learning process. Getting students' input and gathering information/data leads to quality learning.

I definitely think I will be able to implement quality learning during speech therapy sessions for increased carryover skills.

Nicole R. Schultz, Adams-Wells Special Services (Bluffton, IN)

"Our secondary team began to plan changes from Day 2 and we have 'visually' knocked out walls and begun to plan. We are looking forward to working with students to increase their learning and increase their joy in coming to M.A.S."

Wendy Brushahan, Secondary Teacher (7-12) (Moonta Area School, SA, Australia)

The Langford Training has given me a fresh perspective on a "systems" change not only within our building, but within individual classrooms and myself as an individual. It isn't about changing everything all at once; it is about continual improvement! When problems arise we need to look at changing situations in order to get diffferent results by forging ownership from individuals.

Megan Curtis (Waterloo Elementary Dekalb Central Schools)

"I am extremely excited to begin implementing everything into my teaching. It has been a very eye-opening experience, understanding the psychology behind the theory."

Kelly Harris, Teacher (Moonta Area School, Moonta, SA, Australia)

I learned that big problems can almost always be broken down into small systemic problems. Big changes can occur in small increments, but only if they occur in the proper sequence, and only if emotions are removed from the equation.

The path to the final result was long, but a worthwhile journey.

Peter Warshaw (Leander ISD, Texas)

Wow! Many of the practices that I have been utilizing, under the guise of promoting student learning, have been broadening the learning gap instead of closing it. This workshop had provided me with an opportunity for reflection and tools for improving my teaching. I learned that education needs to be continually redefined so that the systemic approaches actually promote student involvement and learning.

Pete Anderson, Teacher (Raleigh, NC)

So much ... a process and a range of strategies and data collecting tools to help me as a leader both in the classroom and staffroom.
Thank you for an inspiring and energising 4 days!

Sally Slattery, Deputy Principal (Hackham East PS)

"I really feel that I can contribute and support students, parents, teachers and my school in what I expect will be an exciting new era in learning!"

Jane Sutton, SSO-Classroom (Moonta, SA)

I learned so very much! I learned that if you have to have a definite, specific question to address with the probletunity, it helps to provide a better framework.

Love the book and videos - the power belongs to the students!

Wonderful workshop! So much thinking! Loved it!

Jennifer Meyer, Science Curriculum Specialist (Leander, TX)